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Nimbus Capture - Free Screenshot Tool Review

Nimbus Screen shot software
Nimbus capture is a free to use screenshot tool. The Nimbus screenshot tool is available as a browser extension for Chrome, opera and Firefox. You can also download a Windows PC version of the Nimbus screen capture tool and there is also an android app as well.

Given the wide choice of usage for the Nimbus screenshot tool is a free to use application. For the desktop, the Nimbus capture has all the right elements to make it a perfect screen capture application.

The Nimbus Capture is one of the many products available from Nimbus Web. A Delaware, U.S.  based company. The company creates quite a few productivity apps. 

Besides the Nimbus capture, other free to use products include the Nimbus Note, which is a great app to take notes (and a cheaper but better alternative to Evernote).

Nimbus capture screenshot review

In this review of Nimbus Capture screenshot tool, we take a look at how you can take desktop screenshots using the Nimbus capture tool, free edition.

The Nimbus capture screenshot software has the following main functions:

What it does
Full screen capture
Allows you to fully capture your screen
Fragmented screen capture
Allows you to take a screen shot for only the specified area
Screenshot editing
You can edit/annotate your screenshots or images
Screen recording (full)
Allows you to record a video of the complete screen
Screen recording (fragment)
Record only a certain fragment of the screen

After you download the Nimbus capture tool, the application automatically starts when you restart your computer.

To ensure that that the Nimbus capture does not interfere with the regular PrtSc button, an alternate keyboard shortcut is applied. The current version is the Nimbus capture 4.1.0 and this review is for the Nimbus capture desktop software.

You can change all the settings from the main menu. The options available are

·         Capture full screen
·         Capture a fragment of the screen
·         Record full screen
·         Record fragment
·         Stop recording
·         pause or resume recording
·         Quick upload

You can sign up and create a Nimbus account where all your screenshots can be automatically uploaded to the website. A free account gives you 100MB of storage space with 10MB maximum file size.

You can also use the Nimbus Pro account which gives you 5000MB in storage and 1000MB in file size. Additionally, you also get the Nimbus EverHelper productivity software as well.

A monthly subscription will cost you $4.99 per month or if you purchase a yearly subscription you get a discounted price of $44.99 per year.

How to take a screenshot with the Nimbus Capture software?

Coordinate icons when taking a fragmented screenshot using the Nimbus capture
The Nimbus capture sits in your system tray. You can right click and bring up the software or use the Hotkey combination to take the appropriate screenshot.

While it is simple to take a full screen capture, the Nimbus screen shot tool is a bit cumbersome when you want to take a fragmented screen shot. This is because there is a large box with the pixel coordinates that can interfere, especially when taking a fragmented screenshot at the edges.

The picture shows the X and Y coordinates icons and it can get a bit difficult when you are trying to take a fragmented screenshot that is near the edge of your screen.

How to edit screen shots with Nimbus Capture screenshot tool?

Nimbus Capture Screenshot editing space
The Nimbus capture has a fairly decent functionality when it comes editing and annotating screenshots. The image below is the of the screenshot editor from the Nimbus screen capture editing tool.

You can drag and drop and existing images as well to annotate the image.

However, the functionality for editing the screenshots using the Nimbus capture tool leaves a lot to be desired.

For starters, you only have the following editing tools.

Hand tool to move the image around (it does nothing besides this and don't mistake this to be resizing or cropping tool)

  • A pen tool for free hand drawing
  • An arrow tool with a default set of colors. You can also change the thickness of the arrow
  • The text tool also allows you to change the colors and the size of the font. You can also choose different font types.
  • Auto numbering tool will enable you to number sections of the screen shot automatically with increments
  • Line tool allows you draw a horizontal/slanting line
  • Rectangle/square tool allows you draw a rectangle or a square anywhere on the image
  • Circle tool allows you to draw a circle
  • Blurring tool enables you to blur any section of the screen. There is no further setting to enable you control on how much you can blur the section of the screen.
  • Crop tool, as the name suggests allows you crop a screen shot or an image that you are editing. You can enter the width and the height in pixels or use your mouse to crop as per your choice
  • Auto rotate tool enables you to rotate an image at 9- degree angle.
Sample of an edited/annotated image using the Nimbus capture tool

The above picture shows the elements covered above for the Nimbus capture screenshot editing software.

You can also copy the image to clipboard (including after making your annotations) or you can also import an image or a screenshot from your clipboard by doing a Ctrl + C.

How to take a screen recording using the Nimbus Capture software?

To take a screen recording with the Nimbus capture tool, simply go to the Nimbus capture software and select recording. In this example we are using a fragmented screen recording only.

The screen video you see below was taken with the Nimbus capture video recording option.

This is the section where the Nimbus capture is recording a fragment of my screen. Isn’t it cool?
The completed video can only be saved as MP4 (it would be nice if there was an option to save as gif.)

Another aspect worth mentioning is that despite using the hot key Ctrl + F9, the video does not save. 
The only way to save a screen recording video using the Nimbus capture tool is by right-clicking on the icon in your system tray and then clicking on ‘Stop recording.’

Concluding thoughts on Nimbus Capture Screen shot software review

The Nimbus capture screenshot software is free of cost and can be used this way as long as you don’t find the need to make use of the auto-upload feature.

Businesses might however want to explore this option especially if you want to share annotations around quickly without sending it as an email attachment.

The annotation tools are basic, so don’t expect to make any fancy annotations. The Nimbus capture software can be used to simply plot arrows, make some free-hand or shape drawings and blurring parts of the screenshot.

As for screen recording, the bug needs to be fixed so video can be automatically saved when you use a hotkey instead of using the system-tray/mouse option.

All said and done, the Nimbus capture is an ok screenshot tool to use.

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