Saturday, June 3, 2017

Nimbus Capture - Free Screenshot Tool Review

Nimbus Screen shot software
Nimbus capture is a free to use screenshot tool. The Nimbus screenshot tool is available as a browser extension for Chrome, opera and Firefox. You can also download a Windows PC version of the Nimbus screen capture tool and there is also an android app as well.

Given the wide choice of usage for the Nimbus screenshot tool is a free to use application. For the desktop, the Nimbus capture has all the right elements to make it a perfect screen capture application.

The Nimbus Capture is one of the many products available from Nimbus Web. A Delaware, U.S.  based company. The company creates quite a few productivity apps. 

Besides the Nimbus capture, other free to use products include the Nimbus Note, which is a great app to take notes (and a cheaper but better alternative to Evernote).

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