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How to find the best screenshot software for Windows?

What is the best screenshot software for Windows? Put five people in a room and ask this question and chances are that you will end up with at least three, if not more different names of the best screenshot software for windows.

So in a world flooded with hundreds of screenshot software with each having tons of features, how do you find the screenshot software that you need?

While until a few years ago or maybe until a decade, the Windows MS Paint software has been one of the trusty screenshot software that most people relied on, as technology improved and so did the demand for doing more, the screenshot software market has also grown exponentially. If only a few years ago, the purpose of a screenshot was all about taking a screen grab of your computer, the screenshot software that we see today goes well beyond this simplistic task.

We have come a very long way from the early days of PrntSc and MS Windows Paint Software

Screenshot software has evolved over time to meet the increase in productivity

Take a look around and you will find screenshots ranging from the very basic, to the most advanced that include annotations and a lot more bells and whistles.

Screenshot softwares

Yes, you heard it right, bells and whistles!And this is the core of this article. One’s man’s bells and whistles are another man’s essential tools. Your daily job might require you to take a few screenshots, annotate them, while for someone else, taking a screenshot and quickly uploading it to a server so it can be shared quickly is essential.

As you can see, from the above example, not all screenshot software tools are the same and it is for this reason alone that you can find screenshot software that is free to use, to the expensive screenshot software that costs upwards of $50 or more.

The problem with buying software online these days is that the marketing copy can be so convincing that unless you do not have a shopping list you can easily fall prey and end up buying a screenshot software with features that you won’t use, or end up buying a screenshot software that does only half the job that you expect.

Sure, most of the online applications that you buy do offer money back guarantee. But just because a product claims to be backed by money back doesn’t necessarily mean that your money will be returned. In most cases, alongside a good marketing copy, you are also offered with a price by the screenshot software provider, urging you to buy now to lock in the special deal. Close the website and revisit once again, perhaps a few weeks later and you will find the same trick being played.

So between not ending up buying screenshot software where you won’t be using half the features and trying your best not to fall prey to a marketing trick, here’s how you can find the best screenshot software for windows.

Finding your best screenshot software for windows

Follow these simple five steps to finding your best screenshot software for windows.

1. List 5 reasons why you hate Windows MS Paint

This might seem a bit surprising to you but make a quick list of five reasons why you hate or don’t want to use the MS Paint software. Some people are junkies for trying something new and boredom or monotony is an issue. But beside the point, when you list 5 or more reasons why you have MS Paint, it helps you to build list of things to avoid when buying new screenshot software.
Really, why would you want to buy screenshot software which has the very things that you hate in MS Windows Paint software?
2.How frequently will you be using the screenshot software?

Does your work demand that you use the screenshot software few times a day? If your work demands constant usage of the software, then by the time you complete reading this section you already know that you need screenshot software that is robust, doesn’t slow down your computer, easy to use and well, you get the point by now.

It would also help if you also knew other details such as how important the screenshot software is to your job. Will investing in an advanced screenshot software help improve your productivity?
At the end of the day, screenshot software is like your work assistant. No matter how much you pay, you need to ensure that the software pays for itself, by increasing your productivity. Why buy screenshot software which only slows you down?
3. How many computers or devices?

This is one of the crucial factors that is often missed by many buyers of new screenshot software. The number of devices the software can be installed on. Depending on your type of job, you might need to have the screenshot tool installed on more than just one computer.

Maybe your work laptop and home computer. It is always good practice to have this information before hand so when you are ready to buy the screenshot software you know what questions to ask. Is the price you pay for the screenshot software valid for installation on just one or two or more computers?

I won’t bother you with other information for now. The above three points should more than suffice if you are in the market for buying a screenshot software for your windows computer. There are many different choices available out there, so ensure that you take your time in investigating and perhaps taking a trial of the screenshot software before you part with your money.

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